Keynote by Larry Lessig

As ALWAYS an extremely professional and engaging presentation by prof. Lessig. He got a huge well-deserved applause from the audience!

The notes are very fragmented, as it is difficult to concentrate on taking notes, when he is doing his presentation.

Did Kodak need permission to capture image? No, luckily not. Imagine the lack of growth that would have followed, if something like the Dequerre Machine Control Act (DMCA) had been passed by the American Congress at that time.

Extraordinary opportunity cost will be imposed on the market because of restrictive legislation. Legislation that prevents innovators to use information.

Until 1976 the US had a conditional copyright regime. Tiny proportion of work was actually covered by copyright before 1976. After 1976 everything is presumably controlled. First permission then use and innovation.

What is “piracy”?. Video presentation of the Bush/Blair duet of “endless love”.

CPTech proposes a meeting a couple of years ago at WIPO to discuss secure open collaborative efforts such as F/OSS. MSFT prevented that meeting.

IP McCarthyism. War on Terrorism. The terrorist are the people who wants to balance intellectual property rights.

We – the technologist – have produces “bit-heads”. You are either for or against property rights (binary).

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