Accelerando by Charles Stross

The concept of singularity is dealt with in an extremely clever way in Accelerando by Charles Stross (official web-site here).

I don’t find the story or plot in the book very clever or interesting and the prose is not that captivating but the way that Charles Stross depicts a post-singularity world and its conditions for humanity is fascinating.

What will it be like to be human when computers have surpassed us in intelligence? Are we going to be in charge? Does AI mean benevolent dictatorship – a sort of Platonic dream of aristocracy come true – or are computers going to by malicious tyrants? Does we need concepts like good and evil in a post-singularity world? How will the transition feel like? Will we feel it or observe it at all? Scary stuff or just business as usual? A better world or hell?

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