23 is my new photo sharing community

My preferred photo sharing service is now 23 Photo Sharing

Why is that?

First because the people behind 23 are people that I know and trust. My photos are personal stuff and I feel better, if they are handled by people that I can talk to.

Second, Flickr is now owned by Yahoo and that automatically makes me somewhat suspicious. Nothing wrong with Flickr and Yahoo and the fact that they are in it for the money. Don’t get me wrong, I think that it is great that innovative people like those behind Flickr get a good exit. But the minute you become part of a large organization you loose (to a very large extent) the entrepreneurial passion that made you create innovative stuff without regard to existing structures. Now Flickr has to make money and to fit into the Yahoo universe, which is not bad, but not what I signed up for to Flickr in the first place.

Third, 23 seems to be truly open and collaborative service – and will probably remain so until they get their exit too 🙂

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