It's all all about independence and execution


Here are Per B. Rasmussen and Morten Busk, co-founders and partners at eCapacity, which is an independent online consulting company. I hope to be working with Per and Morten in the future on joint projects for clients.

At a lunch meeting the other day Per and Morten presented their new consultancy set-up to me and my colleague Flemming Christensen.

My take away from the session was that I don’t really see how eCapacity is so very much different from other consulting firms in terms of any unique way of approaching the market, innovative products or service, fee structures and so on. To me the important criteria for choosing eCapacity as you partners or consultants would be (1) that Per and Morten are in fact independent from e.g. the platform vendors that they will deal with during a project and (2) that Per and Morten have proven execution skills fra their previous jobs.

This two advantages would be crucial for my choice, and Per and Morten score very high on both!

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