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Taj Westend Hotel, Bangalore

Taj Westend Hotel, Bangalore

True to say, I am not really a globetrotter, and I haven’t stay at many luxurious hotels. I have never been to Dubai. But I have tried a couple of hotels that have marketed themselves as five stars.

However, I have never stayed at a better place than the Taj Westend Hotel in Bangalore, where I am spending 5 days in connection with a conference. The room are spacious, the buildings have patina (it is not totally new and “soulless” building like with many other five stars hotel) but are well-kept, the food is excellent and prices are very reasonable – in particular in comparison with Scandinavian hotels with two or three stars. And almost all services are complimentary which is great as I hate being at American hotels where you always have to add many more dollars to your bill, if you want to use eg. the fitness center.

But most of all, I have never before met so courteous and friendly staff. Everybody is smiling in a sincere that automatically makes you smile back and in makes the mood barometer jump upwards. I don’t think that I am just naive, I really think they enjoy their jobs and to provide good service.

I am already planning to take the whole family with me to Bangalore for the ITECHLAW Asia 2011 conference. That is if  the venue is Taj Westen Hotel again.

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