Finding people to help is often a challenge. Not because there is nobody out to help. But because there are too many and the good advisors, investors and so on are hard to separate from the bunch.

On these pages you will find a compilation of people and firms that we have good experience in working with or who we have good things about from our trusted network. The list is amended from time to time (and hopefully only with more not fewer names). We do not endorse the people or firms on the list in any legal matter. That is that the we do not have any responsibility for or is in any way liable for the actions, advice, behavior or else of the names on the list. But do. please, report back to us, if your experience tells us that someone on the list should not be there.

The list is made to be useful primarily for the Scandinavian start-up that needs help. But hopefully, the list will also provide others with an interest in the Scandinavian market for M&A and transaction in SMEs with some value.