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More on "A Blogger's Manifesto"

Erik Ringmar has an article on his latest book A Blogger’s Manifesto: Free Speech and Censorship in the Age of the Internet posted in the Huffington Post. Technorati Tags: bloggersmanifesto, erikringmar, huffingtonpost

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Book review: "Ringmar takes self-righteousness to extremes"

A not so positive review of Erik Ringmar’s A Blogger’s Manifesto by Christopher Howse: A Blogger’s Manifesto: By so many, to so few in the Spectator. First I must say parenthetically, for those who take no cognisance of such things, … Læs resten

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Biotech and open source

Here’s a book that I would love to find the time to read: Biobazaar – The Open Source Revolution and Biotechnology by Janet Hope. The question that Janet Hope explores in Biobazaar is: can the open source approach do for … Læs resten

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Adzio as Tadzio

Giving life to Death: Wladyslaw “Adzio” Moes (left, center) with friend and sisters photo: Carroll & Graf This is kind of fun. One of the main characters of one of my favourite novels, Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice, the young … Læs resten

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On Chesil Beach

After having read both Amsterdam and Saturday with great joy I bought a copy of Ian McEwans latest novel On Chesil Beach in the airport on the way to my family’s winter holidays. After having swalloved the about 160 pages … Læs resten

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A Blogger's Manifesto

I read during my Xmas break my friend Erik Ringmar’s latest book “A Blogger’s Manifesto”. It is big fun ro read. Erik writes in a very straightforward, no-nonse language that does not in any way resembles the academic style that … Læs resten

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Børnespørgehjørne (in Danish)

Denne bog “Børnespørgehjørne” af Tor Nørretranders anbefales på det varmeste til højt læsning for videbegærlige børn. Og det næstbedste er, at alle os ikke naturvidenskabeligt bevandrede voksne også får forklaringer med 🙂 Technorati Tags: tornoerretranders, børnespørgehjørne

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