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Privacy concerns: Google Apps in the public sector

In a recent landmark decision, the Danish Data Protection Agency has denied authorisation for a local Danish municipality to use of Google Apps.   Cloud computing is all the rage at the moment. According to IDC, an analysis firm, in … Læs resten

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Dusør for ulovlige data

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Archiving your social life for posterity

A Danish newspaper – Metroxpress – reported on 17 October 2008 (article via Google translate) that the Danish State Library and the Danish Royal Library are archiving all sorts of information posted by users on the Danish social networking sites … Læs resten

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IP Colloquium

This – IP Colloquium – looks to be a podcast worthwhile subscribing to, even some of the episode may seem to be a little too much centered on Americal law to be interesting for me. Technorati Tags: ip-colloquium

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The GPL Compliance Engineering Guide

This is interesting reading for all interested in the practicalities of discovering GPL violations: The GPL Compliance Engineering Guide By Armijn Hemel and downloadable at http://www.piana.eu/system/files/compliance-manual.pdf. Here are some caveats that however rightfully apply. Technorati Tags: gpl-compliance, armijnhemel

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Danes do not have to prove that they are NOT copyright violators

On 5 September 2008 the Eastern division of the Danish High Court (Østre Landsret) issued a decision in an appellate case dealing with liability for illegal file sharing over a wireless access point. The decision does not break any new … Læs resten

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Is using Mygazines.com legal?

I was quoted on 2 September 2008 in the Danish tabloid ”Ekstra Bladet” in an article regarding the service www.mygazines.com through which it is possible to read articles from some of the world’s popular magazines, e g Esquire, Sports Illustrated … Læs resten

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