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David by Tomás Costa

A beatiful sculpture by portuguese artist Tomas Costa in the garden of Museo do Chiado in Lisboa. David is caught in the seconds before he throws the rosck at Goliath! Technorati Tags: Tomás Costa, Museo do Chiado, David

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Networking4people A/S

Ole Kassow, ceo and founder of Networking4People A/S where I am serving as chairman of the board.

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O-pen touch technologies

Very interesting start-up company out of Symbion and funded partially by SeeD Capital Denmark that I am talking to these days. Strong idea, huge market and experienced/talented management teams = big potential. No web-site yet though 🙂

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In the car

Vilhelm on the back seat buckled safely up to go to my parents to celebrate pentacost with a family lunch.

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Vilhelm and the kite

In a shop in Copenhagen, Vilhelm displaying in full anticipation the (current) top item on his wish-list for his 6th birthday in November.

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Cherry tree blossoms outside the Japanese embassy in Copenhagem

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Homemade Thai Food

For the first time – this Wednesday – I took part of a new network of people that meet once every month to cook together. This summer the food is Thai food.

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