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In search of a Social Media Assistant

Image via Wikipedia I have become a social media addict. Both in my private and professional life, I have become more and more dependent on if not staying ahead of the curve then at least on surfing the social media … Læs resten

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Open source in India

It was a great experience for me for the second year in a row to speak in India for a mostly Indian audience on open source legal issues. Last year the annual ITECHLAW Asia conference took place in New Delhi. … Læs resten

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An open source code expert

Open source law is a big business area for me. I get at lot of work at Bender von Haller Dragsted that involves advising on legal aspects of the development and use of software released on an open source license. … Læs resten

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Tokyo and Noerrebro

I spend a week two years ago in Tokyo just as a tourist. Since then I have wanted to go back to visit some companies, lawfirms, business people to try to establish som kind of network that I could work … Læs resten

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It's all all about independence and execution

Here are Per B. Rasmussen and Morten Busk, co-founders and partners at eCapacity, which is an independent online consulting company. I hope to be working with Per and Morten in the future on joint projects for clients. At a lunch … Læs resten

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1,000 contacts on LinkedIn

I am not really sure what to make of this. But today I reached 1,000 confirmed contacts on LinkedIn 🙂 Here’s is my LinkedIn public profile. Technorati Tags: LinkedIn

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Peter Hesseldahl – a local visionary

I enjoy meeting once in a while with Peter Hesseldahl to discuss his ideas and visions about the future (and present) with respect to technology, information, society and all that jazz. Technorati Tags: peterhesseldahl

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